Cat Starter Pack (kitten)

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Our starter pack is the perfect introduction to insect-based products for you and your feline friend. It contains two packages of treats for tasty snacking, plant-based poop bags for easy clean-up of the litter box and two kg of our insect-based complete kitten food. Nutritious, climate smart and science-based.


The leading ingredient in our diet is the Black Soldier Fly larvae. The Black Soldier Fly is a premium quality protein source, rich in amino acids with high digestibility. What this means is that our diet provides essential amino acids for your cat; and that your cat can easily absorb this valuable protein. And yes - of course also taurine for eye and heart health.


Our kitten diet contains higher levels of a specific omega-3 fatty acid called Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). DHA is essential for a healthy development of the kitten's brain, retina and nervous system


Our diets contains healthy dietary fibers and prebiotics from natural sources, which has proven beneficial effects on the intestinal bacterial flora. Just like in humans, research has shown how a healthy intestinal flora in dogs and cats has positive effects on the body's well-being and general immune system.

Nutrients that feed the good bacteria in the gut are called prebiotics. Our feed contains several natural prebiotics, to give the good intestinal bacteria optimal conditions to thrive. Dietary fiber contributes with an increased feeling of satiety, a healthy movement of intestines and passage time of the feed. In our feed, among other ingredients, beetroot contributes with natural dietary fibre. This, in combination with our products being naturally gluten free, make them extra kind to the digestive system.


An optimal ratio of fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6 provides the right conditions for healthy skin and a shiny coat.


Our products are packed with nutrition from natural and carefully selected ingredients, and added vitamins and minerals. Insects is our only animal ingredient - the rest is plant based. Our insects are resistant to disease and grow quickly on their own. Thanks to this, our production is completely free of unwanted substances such as antibiotics and growth hormones.


Our chief veterinarian Nicky Sluczanowski has put a tremendous amount of care and love into our cat recipe, to ensure the best possible nutrition and health benefits for your cat. All our recipes are developed with our own veterinary team together with nutritionists, and follow FEDIAF's nutritional recommendations for cats and dogs.

Our starter pack for kittens contains:

- 1 x 2 kg complete insect-based dry food for kittens
- 2 x 60 g cat treats with insects
- 1 x roll of 30 plant-based ppoop bags, for easy cleaning of the litterbox

You can choose climate-smart cat food by choosing products with insect protein. Insects are incredibly resource-efficient compared to traditional protein sources, which makes them a natural choice. Insects need less water and food, take up almost no space at all and cause less carbon dioxide emissions.

Visit our planet benefits page to compare the resources needed to produce one gram of protein.

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