Petgood offer complete and balanced insect-based diets for both cats and dogs. All products are developed with experts with pet health as our top priority, using high-quality and sustainable protein from the insect black solider fly larvae, and natural och carefully selected ingredients. In other words - it’s like meat but better.

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Who are we?

Petgood is a Swedish company working towards a transparent and sustainable animal world. We offer insect-based food that meets the entire nutritional needs of dogs or cats, while having significantly lower climate impact. Research shows that the quality of insect protein is in line with, or even higher than, traditional protein sources such as chicken. Insect protein is also naturally free from antibiotics that are commonly used in the meat industry.

Insect protein is often a completely new protein source and can therefore be beneficial for dogs and cats with sensitive stomachs or allergies. Petgood also promotes good gut health through the use of ingredients such as inulin and beetroot. The food is also naturally gluten-free.

Petgood is used by several leading kennels, including Kustmarken which breeds guide dogs, police dogs, and dogs for the defense forces.

Experience the benefits of insect-based food for yourself!

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