Dental month

During the month of March, we at petgood are putting extra focus on our pets' dental health! But why is it so important to take care of your dog or cat's teeth?

3 reasons why you should take care of your pet's dental health

Nicer kisses 
Mouths with tartar and plaque have bad breath, and they also have more bacteria that have taken hold in the gums. A clean and healthy mouth is much nicer for everyone involved. 💜

Healthier dog or cat
Did you know that good dental health can extend the animal's lifespan? Dogs and cats with poor oral health have an inflammation circulating in the body, and this has been shown to have links to for example heart disease. An animal with a clean and healthy mouth, in other words, is healthier - and healthier animals live longer!

Happier dog or cat
In my job, I have met lots of dogs and cats who have had toothache without being able to tell their owners. After a dental treatment, the pet owner comes back and explain that their older pet is now playing and jumping around again! If you are unsure about your pet's oral status - always ask your vet to check.   

// Karin, Licensed veterinary nurse


Visit your vetrinarian
Just like you need to go to the dentist from time to time, so does your pet.

Brush your pet's teeth
By far the most common problem with our pets' oral health is the formation of plaque and tartar. This can be prevented with toothbrushing.

Complement tooth brushing with dental sticks from petgood
In addition to toothbrushing, various forms of dental sticks can have a positive impact on your pet's dental health!

Check your pet's mouth
The routine around toothbrushing is not only good for the toothbrushing itself. You will also learn what the mouth looks like when it is healthy, and can then more easily detect any issues, such as damaged teeth or inflamed gums.

Avoid these risk to protect your pet's teeth
Too hard bones, such as marrow bones, can cause damage or cracks to the pet's teeth. This is especially important for young dogs and cats, which have more sensitive teeth.

One dental stick a day can keep the vet away

Dog Dental Sticks


Dog Dental Sticks