Reduce your Co2 emissions

Today, many people know that reduced meat consumption is one of the best ways to reduce their impact on the environment. But, what many do not know is that owning a dog is the same climate impact per year as owning a car.

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-94% Co2 emssions

Insects represent a highly sustainable protein source, as they have a favourable feed conversion efficiency. They produce 94% less greenhouse emissions, and utilize 93% less land, 92% less feed and 80% less water in comparison to beef. This makes our insect-based dog food a sustainable and healthy alternative for our companion animals.


Insects are a powerful force of nature. Just as nature has the ability to create thriving lives of almost nothing at all, so can insects. It effectively transforms by-products and waste into high-quality and nutritious protein. Our insects only eat plant-based food residues from local sources near the insect farm, and thus take advantage of food waste. Win-win!v

Insect Based Adult Dog Food

Did you know?

Our pets account for about 25% of meat consumption - yes, you read that right, 25%! Insects are an extremely resource-efficient protein source compared to other animal protein sources, and are considered one of the necessary solutions for a sustainable future on our planet.