Cat toy - Buzz the larva


Buzz the larva challenges your cat to cat wrestling and roundhouse kicks! Environmentally and socially sustainable production - play for a purpose.

🌿 Catnip inside makes the toy virtually irresistible

♻️ Circular production and re-used material

🪡 Each toy is handmade and therefore unique

🇸🇪 Made in Sweden by a company that provides work opportunities for people new to Sweden

Read the story on how we created Buzz

Buzz the larva is up for almost everything from cat wrestling to roundhouse kicks. His size is perfect for grabbing with front paws.

His tail, the satin ribbon activates natural hunting instincts, and topped with catnip inside, he is virtually irresistible!

The toy is made together with our partner Circular Center in Jönköping, Sweden. All fabrics used for the toy are leftover materials donated by other companies. This is a sustainable way of making use of already existing resources, giving them a second life.

Each toy is hand-made in the textile workshop, and therefore unique. Each toy has also provided working opportunities for people that are further away from the labour market. Read more about Circular Center and their work for integration and a sustainable future for all below.

Circular Centre is a company in Jönköping, Sweden, focused on socially responsible and circular production.

Circular Centre runs a café, a second hand store and a textile workshop where they do re-make. In their textile workshop, they create new products from left-over materials, while also providing employment for immigrant women. This way, they provide work experience, training and language practice to help integration for people new to Sweden.

Together with them, we offer this limited-edition cat toy. When you buy our cat toy, you support Circular Center and give more women the opportunity to work, power over their economy and independence!

Buzz is a larva, but not just any larva - he is a black soldier fly larva. This little critter is our hero, and the protein source for all our products. Of course we decided to create Buzz as a tribute to this fantastic little creature.

Weight: 200 grams
Measurements: Body 12 cm & tail 18 cm

Each toy is handmade, and measurements and weight might differ slightly between different Buzz.

Delivery time is 1-4 weekdays

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