Planet friendly Dog Toy


Soft dog toy made from a 100% recycled, resilient fabric. Suitable for dogs of all sizes, without squeaker. Made out of felt material from recycled garments.

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  • Made from 100% recycled fabric

  • Hand-crafted and of course insect-shaped 🐞

  • Promotes a social, sustainable and a circular society; using existing resources while giving people new opportunities to be included in society, together with i-did.

petgoods insect toy is created in collaboration with the social entrepreneurship company i-did in the Netherlands.

i-did takes advantage of left-over garments from major companies like IKEA, KLM and the military, and creates a new product with 100% recycled fabric.

At the same time, i-did help people who have difficulty finding a job, or have never worked, to enter the work market. i-did give their employees personal guidance and coaching to help them develop, and prepare them for their next job. Over 70% of their employees go on to new jobs after their time with i-did, and with that, new opportunities and hope for the future.

petgoods insect toy is made of 100% recycled felt. Our toy has not only taken advantage of materials that would otherwise be wasted, but it has also helped give people a second chance and hope for the future, together with i-did.

Delivery time is 2-6 weekdays

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