Akira & Katana @akira.katana.amstaff

Meet our lovely ambassadors, Akira & Katana the American Staffordshire Terriers!

Woof girls! What is your favourite hobbies?
Sleep, eat and take long walks. To sleep is probably the best thing we know. And we like to sleep everywhere. Many people would say we are spoiled, but we don't think so. Our hoomans should just be grateful that they get to borrow our bed and sofa. Our other hobby is to eat. We always sneak around and keep a watchful eye when our mom is cooking. But she is so boring, she almost never drops anything to us. When we don't sleep or eat, we enjoy going for our walks. Most of the time in the forest, where we can hang out alone with our mom and discover all the smells, sounds of birds or look at other animals. The forest is so lovely, and it makes us feel calm. Our mom ususally says that our pawprints today matter for animals, nature and humans in the future.

Do you have a nickname?
No nicknames. But sometimes when our mom plays mom-a-razzi and takes photos of us, our names are Sit and Stay.

Last, can you tell me something pawsome about you?
We have some strategic skills. Me, Katana can start with telling a bit more about myself. There are some similarities between me and the red cangaroo in Australia. I have no issues jumping straight up and high into the air. It's not that appreciated when I jump up and give nose-crushing kisses, but when I use my talent outside I often get praise. 

Then it's me, Akira. I am more related to a sloth than a cangaroo. Wasting my energy is not my thing. I'd rather let Katana do the work, but of course I deserve a treat too, when Katana gets one.

What is your favourite dog-friendly cafe, restaurant, hotel or other place in Sweden?
Best place to be is with grandma and grandpa. Always B&B with love. We are allowed to have "zoomies" in their new sofa and we get love in abundance. Well, grandpa is a bit sensitive and maybe does not enjoy everything we do, but grandma, well she allows us to do everything. She is pawsome.

Now, let's talk to your hooman Helene.

How come you decided to switch to petgood?
What we do today, will affect our tomorrow. We are a family of two adults, two teenagers and two dogs. We need to make active choices that don't affect our climate or environment in a negative way. We recycle, minimise food waste and keep consumption to a minimum. Our dogs mean a lot to us, and of course we want them to be healthy and feel good. I wanted to combine my interest in dogs with my climate commitment, which is why I wanted to find a nutrituous and climate-friendly dog food. In this way I got in touch with petgood. The dogs really ove the food and the small kibbles also work pawfect as treats on our walks.

Any specific improvements you noticed?
Akira has allergies and also food allergy, which means we have to be careful about what she eats. To prevent and decrease the risk, also Katana is eating an allergy-friendly food. The biggest change has been in Katana. I think the quality of her feaces is much better than before. Somehow, it also feels nicer to pick up after the dogs now compared to before! I always think "Now I'm filling a bag of bugs, instead of a bag of poo!"

It feels good to make a difference, and it feels really good to do it together with petgood!


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