Meet the fluffy cat squad @lundhoffcats!

We are so happy to introduce our first cat ambassadors to you, the amazing cat family @lundhoffcats. Katie, the cat mom, has a big passion for helping homeless cats, and we were so eager to learn more about her and her furry feline friends.

First of all, could you tell us more about your four- and two-legged family? 

I am originally American and moved to Sweden and fell in love and married a Swede. Anton has 2 kids and together we managed to adopt 4 "pandemic" cats (Lucifer, Didrik, Dexter and Nemo). So 2 adults, 2 kids, 4 cats in the house.

When did this passion for cats started? 

I had 2 cats in my childhood and 1 dog as a teenager. I always thought I was a dog person. As I got older and learned more about myself I realized I like the chill vibe I get from cats and that they like a little attention and a little alone time (like me).

Could you tell us a little bit more about your work with SmålandsKatten? 

My first 2 cats were not rescued but purchased online. I knew so little about cats in Sweden at the time. Then somehow over the last 3 years I learned about "summer cats" and that some humans don't want to pay for sick cats and it broke my heart. How could I sit back and allow innocent creatures to struggle when it was not their fault? So I followed SmålandsKatten on social media and started fostering this past summer. So many cat owners don't believe in sterilizing their cats and it is causing an overpopulation of unwanted kittens. I had enough watching and doing nothing. So I began fostering. Then I realized I could also share some great videos of the fosters through the SmålandsKatten social media pages and also help clarify some things I wasn't aware of when I first started looking for a cat. So now I foster, I have tried trapping and I manage some social media for them. My ultimate dream would be to own a cat cafe to house these cuties and help others to fall in love with them.

You mentioned before that you, in addition to cats, also have a great interest for insects, where does this fascination come from?

As a kid, my family used to love watching a show in the US called Fear Factor and oftentimes people would need to eat cockroaches or other bugs to win challenges. I always thought that was cool. Then, as I went to university I became more passionate about the planet and started removing meat from my diet. Now with my cats, I don't buy cat food from large animals (cows, elk etc) since they create the most greenhouse gases and consume the most water. As I have researched more and more about living a zero waste and sustainable lifestyle I often see insects & seaweed mentioned as the future. I have become a bit obsessed with both. How can I farm them myself? What products can I find with them? Locally of course!

How did you get in contact with petgood and what improvements have you noticed since switching to petgood?

Since my zero waste and sustainable journey is never ending, I am constantly looking for better options for my cats. I am shocked at how few sustainable products exist on the pet market. Seeing petgood show up in instagram ads was kismet. However, when I first discovered petgood it was dog food only. Naturally, I waited impatiently for cat food and thought, "why do companies think dogs are more important? How dare they!" Then I became a devoted customer and fan. My cats can all safely eat the same food (some needed separate diets before) and I feel confident feeding it to my fosters as well.

Lastly, is there anything else you want to tell us that our petgood community might find extra pawsome?

YES! Two things:

  1. I have found that my rescue cats are more cuddly than my non rescues. I think its because they know what abandonment feels like so they are more grateful for the love.

  2. I am a smart home fanatic and that means making my pet routine smart as well. Adding automatic cat accessories has simplified my life and enabled some stress free weekend trips. I highly recommend it.

Follow this amazing cat family at @lundhoffcats!


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