A climate-smart source of protein

Climate-smart protein - insects! There are many reasons why insects are a beneficial alternative to the more traditional animal protein sources. Insects are not a vegetarian source of protein but are animal sources of high quality and resource-efficient protein. To begin with, the production of protein from insects is more resource-saving and efficient than the production of protein through traditional protein sources. The more traditional animal protein sources, such as beef, pork, or chicken, require more land, water, and food in the production. It makes insects a climate-smart protein.


🌾 The area required to raise, cattle, for example, is much larger than the area required to raise insects. To produce one gram of insect protein, 93% less land area is required, compared to beef. Insects grow quickly by themselves and their living space is smaller, unlike, for example, a cow. This means that insect breeding is more efficient.

🥕 In order for insects to thrive, they also need less food than traditional protein sources. To produce one gram of insect protein requires 92% less food than beef. By the way, did you know that our insects live on organic waste, which means that grains do not have to be harvested to feed the protein source, thus, further saving on resources required for breeding.

💧 Water is required for agriculture that provides feed for the livestock, it is needed for the care and cleaning of the animals and for the production and purification of the protein. Insects require less water in all of these areas. The production of one gram of insect protein requires 80% less water than the production of one gram of protein from beef.

Read more about how insects are raised here.

💨 The resource-efficient and resource-saving production of insect protein results in fewer greenhouses gas emissions than that of traditional protein sources. For insect protein, the total saving of greenhouse gas emissions is 94% compared to beef (in terms of the production of one gram of protein).

Read more about insects as a protein source here.


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