Getting a kitten? Here's everything you need to know!

Have you finally decided to expand your family with a little kitty? You have a wonderful time ahead of you, with lots of mischief and play. To facilitate the preparations and make it something really exciting and fun to look forward to, we answer the 7 most common questions about kittens.

1. What do I need for the kitten?

You need a few basic things at home to keep the kitten comfortable. Food and water bowls, a litter box, cat litter and something to scratch on are a good start. Of course, you also need a good kitten food, treats and toys.

2. How do I make my home safe?

Kitten-proof your home by removing small items that the kitten could chew on, get tangled in, or swallow. Kittens are master climbers and can reach basically everywhere, even high up. Also keep in mind that many houseplants can be toxic to cats, so check if the ones you have at home are safe.

3. How much should a kitten eat?

In order for your kitten to keep a good body condition and grow as it should, it is important that it receives nutritious food adapted for kittens. Our kitten food is a complete and balanced diet, which means that it contains all the nutrients the kitten needs, and in the right levels for growth.

On the packaging there is a feeding recommendation for how much is adequate per day, adapted to the kitten's age in months. Cats like to eat small portions spread out over the day, and it is therefore good to divide the food into many small meals, or feed in a toy so that the cat gets activated have to work a little to get the food.

4. When do kittens learn to go to the litter box?

Most cats naturally want to use their litter box, but it helps if you provide the right conditions for the litter box to feel like the best place to go to the toilet. Put it in a place that is quiet and secluded, preferably in a corner, but easily accessible to your cat.

If the cat naturally chooses another place, move the litter box there instead. It is good to have several litter boxes so that the kitten can choose where it wants to go. Use plenty of sand in the box and keep it clean and fresh. Praise the cat when it has used the box!

5. When should kittens be vaccinated?

A kitten should be vaccinated with two injections, approximately 4 weeks apart. If your kitten has been vaccinated, you should have received a vaccination card that states when the cat should be vaccinated next. If you are unsure when or if your cat has been vaccinated, contact your vet to make an appointment for his or her vaccination.

6. How much does a kitten sleep?

Sleep is an incredibly large part of both the adult cat and the kitten's life. Although kittens can have incredible "zoomies" and burst with energy, they still spend about 18-20 hours a day sleeping. Therefore, it is important that the kitten has a safe and secluded place to sleep, where it can go away when it wants to be alone and sleep. To read more about this, you can take a look at our article about the cat’s sleep.

7. When can you let a kitten out?

If your kitten is going to be an outdoor cat, you should wait until he or she is neutered/spayed before they are allowed to go outside on their own. This is to avoid unwanted kittens, and this of course applies to both male or female cats. Before the kitten is neutered, it can be outside under close supervision, or on a leash, to get used to the outdoor environment. Even an indoor cat can start training on a leash and harness as a kitten. Remember that everything new should always be done gradually and positively, with lots of praise and reward!

8. One last tip…

Cats are amazing and special animals. Take the time to get to know your cat and discover what he or she likes best - cats can be very particular about which sleeping places, toilet corners, food, food bowls or routines they prefer. They are loving animals who love closeness and cuddles, but may also need their own time and space - respect and love your cat based on the personality that he or she has!

Karin Veterinary Nurse


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