Kennel Simastaff - four-legged power packs full of joy!

🐶 Staffordshire bull terrier
📍 Rättelöv outside Hässleholm, Skåne
🏡 First litter in April 2021

It is totally impossible not to smile when you meet a staffy! The energetic dogs are full of love for life and a humor that spreads to everyone they meet - and they are the happiest when they get to join in anything that happens, no matter what it is.Mattias and Simona have been running their little kennel Simastaff for just over a year now, after seven years with the staffordshire bull terrier breed. It is a powerful but easy-to-handle breed that happily joins in with most things its owners want to do, whether it is nosework, rally obedience or agility. At kennel Simastaff in Skåne, five staffies are part of the family: one male and four females. One of the dogs is the kennel's own breeding; the female Skye who was one of seven puppies in the first litter. When the first litter is to move away from home, it is of course a special moment for a breeder:

“It is important for us that they end up with the right owner, and we always want to meet the new dog owners they will move to. We want it to be active dog owners who want to bring the dog with them on all the fun activites the family do. It is important for a staffy to be involved, no matter what it is.”

To provide healthy and thriving dogs that can enjoy life with their new families, Mattias and Simona are careful with the dogs' health tests; both the mental and physical examinations and tests that needs to be performed. Breeding healthy dogs also provides safety for the new buyers. The breeding is on a small scale to make sure that the dogs are doing good and that the puppies get the right foundation in life. They came in contact with petgood just over six months ago, and since then the whole pack has been on the feed.“We think it works great, and we see an improvement in the dogs' fur. Previously, they were a bit dull and greasy in the coat, but now they have nice and shiny coats, like freshly showered every day! Healthy fur reflects that the dog is also healthy on the inside.”

The petgood team is so happy that Simastaff is one of the kennels in our breeder's club, and look forward to future litters and to see more of the staffies Chili, Simba, Skye, Bea and Hera and all their wonderful antics!


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