Why Kustmarken chooses Petgood

"We have worked profesionally with dogs for 30 years and have tried many different types of feed. We are happy to have found petgood, it's very functional. The dogs have healthy stomachs, good body conditions, nice fur and most importantly - they make use of the nutrition. Petgood is the best dog food we have ever used." - Robert Jönsson, Kustmarken

Kustmarkens Hundtjänst works with breeding and training different types of working dogs; guide dogs for the visually impaired, protection and tracking dogs for the Police and Armed Forces, as well as assistance dogs for people with disabilities or special needs. Since the start in 1993, they have delivered over 400 SRF (The Swedish Association of the Visually Impaired) certified guide dogs and a large number of police dogs to and outside of Sweden.


Robert and Carina who is in charge of Kustmarken have long experience of both breeding and training, and a key piece of the puzzle is of course the dogs' diet. The most important aspect for Robert and Carina when it comes to feed is that the dogs are healthy, have well-functioning stomachs and do not develop itching or similar problems. It is of course also important that the dogs like the food.

The functional aspects are especially important when it comes to high-performing working dogs. The dogs are exposed to many different environments, sometimes stressful ones, which puts extra weight on them being able to maintain calm stomachs and not get diarrhea; "It is of utmost importance that the dogs and their stomachs work well - not only for the sake of the dog but also for the dog handler. A dog that gets diarrhea when stressed is difficult for the dog handler to manage, and leads to unnecessary worry and anxiety. With petgood, the stomachs have been perfect, which is a comfort both to us and their handlers," explains Robert.


Carina has also noticed an improvement in the dogs' fur and that they shed less since the change to petgood in 2021. At the same time, both she and Robert are happy about the environmental aspect of petgood and that it is a sustainable alternative, especially considering the amount of feed that is needed in their business.

The partnership with Kustmarken is very close to our heart and we are grateful for the opportunity to support their important work.


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