How old does a cat get?

The world's oldest cat to date has reached the impressive age of 38 years. The kitty who definitely had nine lives was named Creme Puff and lived in Texas, USA. 38 years is almost twice as long as most cats live, but if you get a cat you can count on having a loyal friend for a long time to come, as it is not entirely uncommon for cats to reach an age as high as 15-20 years.

How long does a cat live?

The Swedish age record is currently somewhat unclear, but the cat Whiskas from Broby is definitely at the top: he recently turned 28 years old!

However, how long cats live on average is a bit shorter, so senior cats like Whiskas and Creme Puff are something of an exception. Cats live on average for about 15 years, and begin to count as seniors around 10-12 years of age. The older cat may need a little extra love and care, but even older cats can enjoy life and feel good at a high age.

Can I influence how old my cat gets?

To a large extent, it is genes and a dose of luck that determine how old the cat gets. But healthy and well-being cats generally live longer, and therefore you can give the cat the right conditions for a long and healthy life with the right care. Here we therefore share with you three tips to keep your cat healthy and happy.

1: Keep the cat in an ideal body condition

Overweight cats are at greater risk of developing diseases, and on average do not live as long as normal-weight cats. Hence, the most important thing you can do is to keep your cat in a proper body condition. In our article on Body Condition Score, we provide guidance on how you can easily assess your cat's body condition.

2: Give the cat nutritious food

Feed your cat with a nutritious complete feed so you can be sure that it gets all the nutrients it needs. 

3: Visit your vet for regular health check-ups

A key to being able to prevent and treat certain age-related diseases is to detect them well in advance. Therefore, visit your veterinarian for regular health check-ups to make sure your cat is healthy. Many clinics offer special check-ups for senior cats, in order to detect common diseases that can occur as the cat gets older.

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