Planet friendly poop bags


Our poop bags are made from plant-based materials, making them 100% compostable and 100% biodegradable in just 6 months. They also leave no microplastics, are soft yet durable, and have large handles. They are also easy to tear off and open while being produced using 100% renewable energy. Each roll contains 30 bags.

Not everything called biodegradable can be trusted. Biodegradable means that an item can be broken down into increasingly smaller pieces by bacteria, fungi or microbes to be reabsorbed by the surrounding environment. Basically anything, including plastic, can be called biodegradable, because eventually it will break down. It could just take a very, very long time. How crazy is this?! And how easy isn’t it to mislead consumers by calling stuff leaving microplastics behind biodegradable?

Many biodegradable poop bags on the market contribute to increased Co2 emissions and leave microplastics behind in nature. They are often made from sugar canes or recycled plastic. Oil is then used to produce the plastic and the final product is often transported across continents.

We know... it’s a shitty story! But we want to change the narrative.

Petgood poop bags are therefore made from corn and other plant-based materials, making them 100% compostable and biodegradable. They are produced in the EU with 100% renewable energy to further minimize our poop-print.

Biodegradable poop bags made from recycled plastic often take around 36 months or more to break down. Our poop bags are broken down in 6 months on land, and 2 years in the sea, averaging less than 12 months.

All raw materials for the poop bags are grown in the EU, and the poop bags are then manufactured in a factory in Estonia and are transported by boat to Sweden as that is the most sustainable option. Our factory uses only renewable energy.

If you have access to your own compost, you are allowed to compost them at home. Keep in mind, however, that there may be risks with the spread of parasites or bacteria in dog faeces, especially if the dog eats raw food, as studies have shown that dogs that eat raw food excrete more antibiotic-resistant bacteria in their feces. It is therefore not recommended to compost them and then use the compost as manure for food for human consumption. The poop-bags break down within 6 months in the compost.

For communal composts, please follow the local regulations where you live.

In other cases, the bags must be disposed of with combustible waste. Under no circumstances should the bags be thrown away or left in nature, even though they are degradable.

Our bags carry the following certificates for recycling and composting:

Degradable (EN-13432)
Home Composting (TÜV OK Compost Home)
Degradable in soil (EN-17033: 2018)

Our poop bags are made from corn, potatoes and plant-based oils. The corn used for the bags is so called industrial corn, which means it is grown in soil that is of too poor quality to be used to grow human crops. In other words, corn that could be used as food is not used for our poop bags.

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