Dog Treat Training

Our training treats are low in calories and fat and get their delicious taste from berries, and contain prebiotics to support gut health. The semi-soft treats do not crumble and are easy to split. We have made them heart-shaped - for the love of our dogs and our planet. One bag contains 100g and can be given to both adult dogs and puppies.


🐛 Insect protein: the only animal protein source; high-quality, environmentally sustainable and suitable for dogs with food allergies.

🌱 Olive oil and flaxseed: natural sources of omega-3 and omega-9 fatty acids.

🦠 Yeast cell walls: a natural source of MOS (mannanoligosaccharides) that benefit a healthy intestinal flora by preventing harmful bacteria from colonizing.

🍓 Forest berries: rich in natural antioxidants that support the immune system.

COMPOSITION: Pea starch, chickpea, peas, glycerine, Black Soldier Fly Larvae (Hermetia illucens) (4%), sweet potato, dried carrot, flaxseed (2%), olive oil (1%), cellulose, yeasts (including yeast cell walls (500 mg/kg)), minerals, dried cranberries (0.02%), dried blueberries (0.02%), dried raspberries (0.02%), dried redcurrants (0.02%), dried blackberries (0.02%).

ANALYTICAL CONSTITUENTS: Crude protein 14%, fat content 4%, crude fibre 4.4%, inorganic matter 3.0%, moisture 19%, antioxidants; tocopherol extracts of vegetable oil (66 mg).

ENERGY LEVEL: 2885kcal/kg.

The treats contain only natural ingredients, and no additives. All ingredients except insect protein are plant-based. All ingredients are sourced from the EU.

Our treats with insects & berries are enriched with insect protein and immune-system boosting antioxidants from berries. Suitable for puppies and adult dogs.


Our treats are low in calories and fat to be a healthy snack, suitable for all dogs.


The treats contains yeast cell walls: a natural source of prebiotics that feed the good bacteria and support a healthy intestinal flora.


Nordic berries provide natural antioxidants and a nice sweet flavour.


The only animal ingredient; high-quality and highly digestible, and can suit dogs with food allergies.

You can choose climate-smart dog food by choosing products with insect protein. Insects are incredibly resource-efficient compared to traditional protein sources, which makes them a natural choice. Insects need less water and food, take up almost no space at all and cause less carbon dioxide emissions.

Visit our planet benefits page to compare the resources needed to produce one gram of protein.

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