Dog Toy


Our dog toy is sustainable for both people and the planet - made from 100% recycled material from worn-out cargo straps, and, of course, shaped like an insect!

The dog toy is handmade in collaboration with a company working towards an inclusive society for all, providing job opportunities for those who are farther from the job market.

petgoods insect toy is created in collaboration with the social entrepreneurship company i-did in the Netherlands.

i-did takes advantage of left-over garments from major companies like IKEA, KLM and the military, and creates a new product with 100% recycled fabric.

At the same time, i-did help people who have difficulty finding a job, or have never worked, to enter the work market. i-did give their employees personal guidance and coaching to help them develop, and prepare them for their next job. Over 70% of their employees go on to new jobs after their time with i-did, and with that, new opportunities and hope for the future.

petgoods insect toy is made of 100% recycled felt. Our toy has not only taken advantage of materials that would otherwise be wasted, but it has also helped give people a second chance and hope for the future, together with i-did.

Delivery time is 2-6 weekdays

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