Petgood - proud official dog food sponsor to Kustmarken

Today we can finally announce that we are the proud official food sponsor to Kustmarken and their dogs! Kustmarken has long experience from breeding and training guide dogs and their handlers.

”This collaboration is very close to our heart and we are grateful for the opportunity to support Kustmarken’s important work. We look forward to supply them with nutritious and sustainable dog food, and to learn more about guide dogs and the training.”

  • Ragna Zaar Thorwid, petgood

Since the start in 1993, Kustmarken have delivered over 400 SRF (The Swedish Association of the Visually Impaired) certified guide dogs and a large number of police dogs to and outside of Sweden.

“We work with high-performing dogs and the food is a key factor to ensure their health and performance. With petgood we finally feel confident that they are served the best possible alternative on the market. Their dog food meets all our high demands, from nutritional profile and quality to sustainability.”

  • Robert Jönsson, Kustmarken

Get to know Kustmarken better by the links below, and you’ll be as inspired and impressed by their work as we are. 

Kustmarken’s website
Kustmarken’s Instagram account


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