Scratching and stomach problems

🐶 French bulldog

🎂 1.5 years old

🎾 Likes to hang out with her pet parent Niclas and tag-along everywhere

💜 Love dogs and people - preferably, wants to play with everyone

I'm Stella, also called the miracle dog - a nickname I got when I was little. When I had been with my new pet parent for just 2 days, I was in an accident with a horse. I was severely injured but miraculously survived.

However, my veterinary visits did not end after the accident, I was examined for a long time to investigate my allergies and a troublesome scratch in one ear. I scratched it, to the point of bleeding and it was very painful. As a consequence, I had to wear a cone collar for several weeks.

Unfortunately, the vets who examined me could not find the reason for my allergies nor what I should eat to feel better. My pet parent and I were advised to test different foods. For a few months, we tested everything from allergy-specific food to foods without protein or food with different types of protein sources. Some tasted poorly and others were simply not up to standard, but above all, my wellbeing did not improve.

By a stroke of luck, my pet parent heard about petgood, an insect-based nutritious food, pet food that is also good for dogs with allergies. After only a few days, improvements to my wellbeing were apparent - my scratch disappeared and my stomach started to feel better.

It became abundantly clear that petgood was the right choice for me, as when our food from petgood was finished, my problems came right back when reverting to some of my other food choices.

Since then I have only eaten petgood and am completely recovered, with a lot of energy, good stomach health, and a big appetite! I can recommend other dogs with allergies or underlying problems to try petgood, it is the only food that made me feel really good. Of course, it is also a big plus that I can at the same time reduce my paw imprint on the climate! 💚


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