Get to know the doggos at the petgood wooffice!

These are our most appriciated employees, taking care of every day important tasks such as cuddling, exercise breaks, product testing and of course making sure there is never any food waste at the petgood wooffice.

Siri - CEO and Product Developer

Breed: Labrador Retriever
Tasks: Siri is the co-founder of petgood, being the pioneer in insect-based dog food and also head of product development and testing. Siri is making sure the quality and taste of the products is always at the highest level, as well as being one of the front figures for the pet food revolution.

Alva - Health & Wellness Manager

Breed: Staffordshire Bullterrier
Tasks: Alva is making sure no one (two- or fourlegged) is sitting still for too long, to ensure workplace ergonomics is put into practice. Full-body-workouts with her colleagues is her specialty, and reminding everyone of the importance of having fun at work.

Tyra - COC - Chief of Cuddles 

Breed: Miniature Dachshound
Tasks: Efficiently decrease stress levels in her colleagues at the office, by curling up like a cinnamon bun in their laps. Tyra is also discovering her talents as a model and is currently working on her first modelling jobs, trying to expand her portfolio. She is looking up to her more experienced colleague Siri in this field.

Morris - Sustainability Manager

Breed: French Bulldog
Tasks: Sustainability implemantation at the grassroot-level. Morris makes sure there is never any food waste at the office. Trust us, he will not let a single piece go to waste.

Tekla - Senior Advisor
Breed: Rhodesian Ridgeback
Tasks: Tekla contributes, with her almost 10 years of age, to experience to the team and to keep the team calm and focused on the cause. She neutralizes conflicts and distributes with a firm paw the work load between her younger colleagues. Thanks to her excellent taste, she is also Siris closest companion in product development, and thanks to her keeping in shape despite her age, she is still often hired for model assignments.

Non-dog colleagues

Kokos - Box Quality Control Queen

Breed: Fanciest cat
Tasks: Well, the most important tasks of course, checking the delivery packaging, as well as keeping count on empty boxes and taking a nap in them for a proper and thorough quality control. Also first in line in team Feline Taste Test for future cat food products.

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