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Our complete insect-based cat food comes with many benefits for your purrfect friend. Our insect protein is rich in the same essential nutrients that your pet would get from traditional meat, and has high digestibility. Our diet provides prebiotics and dietary fiber, for a healthy intestinal flora. With carefully selected natural ingrediens, our diet also help support the urinary tract. And, cats love the taste!

High-quality protein
Great taste
Supports gut health
Supports urinary tract health

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Health benefits with the petgood diet for your cat

Our complete insect-based cat food comes in adult and kitten, suits all breeds and covers all the nutritional requirements for the specific life stage. We recommend adult food for cats that are fully grown, at around 12 months of age and older. If you have a younger cat, we recommend the kitten food.

The amount of minerals, vitamins, fatty acids and amino acids including taurine have been chosen and fine-tuned based on the latest recommendations from FEDIAF. The magnesium and phosphorus levels are carefully balanced to optimise the urinary pH-level.

The adult food also contain specific compounds that have been proven to decrease stress-related behaviours in cats. The kitten food contains higher levels of the fatty acid DHA, which is essential for healthy development of the kitten's brain, retina and nervous system.

The leading ingredient in our diet is the Black Soldier Fly larvae. The Black Soldier Fly is a premium quality protein source, rich in amino acids with high digestibility. What this means is that our diet provides essential amino acids for your cat; and that your cat can easily absorb this valuable protein. And yes - of course also taurine for eye and heart health.

Since the launch of our cat food, we have received amazing feedback regarding the taste. The cats love it! Majority of the cats even pick our insect-based food before their old food.

Urinary tract conditions are one of the more common diseases in pet cats, but can to some extent be prevented with the right diet. The levels of magnesium and phosphorus in our diet are carefully controlled to promote desirable urinary pH levels for your cat. We have also added cranberry which can have a positive effect on the health of the bladder wall, to further support the urinary tract of your cat.

A calm cat is a happy cat. Today's cats have a different lifestyle than their ancestors, and for some this leads to periods of more stress. Our diet contains a special blend of tryptophan and L-casein, both clinically proven to help reduce anxiety-related behaviours in felines. These bioactive compounds can also help reduce the incidence of stress-related health conditions in felines. These are the same natural substances that the cat mother pass on to her kittens via her milk, and gives the kittens a feeling of peace and safety.

Our chief veterinarian Nicky Sluczanowski has put a tremendous amount of care and love into our cat recipe, to ensure the best possible nutrition and health benefits for your cat. All our recipes are developed with our own veterinary team together with nutritionists, and follow FEDIAF's nutritional recommendations for cats and dogs.


Would you like to read more about the ingredients in our cat food? You can find that here.

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