LIHKKU - shinier, stronger fur with less dandruff and healthy paws

🐶 Finnish Lapphund

📍  Alingsås, Västra Götaland

🏡 Active kennel since 2013

Mia and her kennel Lihkku with breeding of Finnish Lapphund is one of the active kennels in petgood's breeding program.

“I have had dogs more or less all my life and the breed Finnish Lapphund for almost 14 years. The starting point for my kennel was my first Finnish Lapphund, my wonderful male Raiku who woke my interest in this fantastic breed. The first litter came in 2018 and now I have a total of 16 dogs in my kennel. ”

Finnish Lapphund is a breed with a long history, a versatile dog with characteristics that were important when it was the Sámi working dog; it needs to be brave and confident, but at the same time resilient and willing to work. It is a healthy breed that today is a wonderful all-round dog in both game tracking, agility, nosework and other dog sports, says Mia.

“My breeding of Finnish Lapphund is based on four cornerstones; origin, function, mentality and work. The kennel's name Lihkku also goes back to its origins - it means happiness in Sámi. The dogs are also given Sámi names, and I work closely with the Sámi people in the north where the dogs work as herding dogs.”

For Mia and her working and active dogs, diet and nutritional content in the dogfood is very important.

“My dogs are working and high-performing, and then it is important that they have a sustainable and healthy food that gives them all the nutrition they need and a good feeling of satiety. The fact that it is also climate-friendly is a big bonus. We have been trying the food for a while now and I see a difference in that the dogs have shinier, stronger fur with less dandruff and healthy paws. They are just as usual really alert and happy! It feels exciting to be a part of petgood now and I am so happy for the collaboration! ”

We at petgood can only say the same, and we look forward to lovely, woolly little Lapphund puppies this spring!

Photos: Top photo photographer Stina Tiselius, above Kennel Lihkku


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