Radiant fur and energy!

🐶 Borzoi
🎂 2 years in January
🎾 Show myself off at shows and practice nosework
💜 petgoods dental sticks are the best I know!

Hi, my name is Inez!

I am a soon to be two-year-old borzoi female, and have several characteristics that are typical of my breed - I am intelligent, affectionate and down to earth. I do not stress myself unnecessarily, but I'm really fast when it comes to and love to train and learn new things!

My mother trains nosework with me (I am the only borzoi in our club so I stand out a little) and soon we will also start with lure-coursing, a really high-intensity sport! Therefore, a nutritious and healthy feed is suitable for me so that I can give everything when it comes. Unfortunately I am a little picky and I can get tired of my food after a while, but in May we switched to petgoods dogfood and I still love it.

After we changed feed, my human mum Josefine noticed that my coat became even shinier. I like to show myself at shows and at one of our last I was named the best young dog of my breed, and got lots of praise and compliments!

Mum is also happy with my new feed's environmental thinking, but I do not think about it that much… I am just happy that I got new dental sticks which are the best I know. Mum breaks them into small pieces and uses them as treats, especially when we are at the show, because she knows they motivate me the most and she wants me to be at my best!

But now I'm going to run on, stay pawsome!
/ Inez and mum Josefine

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