Simba's story

One of our amazing ambassadors is Simba, a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever. Simba has a medical condition called EPI, as well as food allergy, and here his pawrent Amanda tells us Simba’s story and how petgood has helped Simba getting back to a happy, healthy dog.

What kind of problems did Simba have?

About 1.5 years ago when we started with petgood, Simba was seriously ill. He was diagnosed with a disease called Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency (EPI). Simply explained, the pancreas stops producing enzymes and the dog cannot absorb the nutrients from the food it eats. So untreated, they starve. Simba was very thin and was losing a few kilos every week, and I wasn’t sure he would make it. 

How come you started looking for a new feed?

With EPI, the diet is very important, among other things the fat content should be relatively low. In addition to this, Simba had food allergy, which made it more difficult to find a feed that worked for him. After we went through all the vet foods, my vet told me to start looking for a food with a completely different content to what he was eating before.

One day I saw petgood on Instagram, so I wrote to them with lots of questions about content, production and so on. They took those questions to their vet, and we could get advice on how it could work for Simba. So then we decided to give it a try.

What improvement have you seen?

The big change in Simba is that he quickly became stable in weight, i.e. stopped losing weight. It took a while for him to start gaining weight, but the most important thing was that he stopped losing weight to stop his condition from getting worse.

Since then, the symptoms from his food allergy have vanished. The main symptoms he had before was red eyes, a bad stomach and chewing of paws, which led to him having fungus infection in his paws.

Today, Simba is of normal weight, his stomach is fine, his stools are perfect, his paws and eyes are fine and he is alert and very well.

Is there anything else you want to share related to how petgood worked for Simba?

Apart from Simba's illnesses, he is a very picky dog ​​and we have had struggles getting him to eat, until we found petgood. With petgood, he gets unreasonably excited when it's time to eat and jumps, barks and inhales the food. So petgood is not only good for his condition, it tastes very good too.

I do get emotional thinking back on how bad his condition was, and I am so incredibly grateful that we found petgood as it actually saved Simba's life!

Follow Amanda and Simbas adventures on @tollaren_simba


This is a story based on Amanda and Simba's own experiences, and every medical case is different. If you have a dog with a medical condition, we always recommend consulting your vet for advice on food. 


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