Who are Kustmarken?

Kustmarkens Hundtjänst works with breeding and training different types of working dogs; guide dogs for the visually impaired, protection and tracking dogs for the Police and Armed Forces, as well as assistance dogs for people with disabilities or special needs. Since the start in 1993, they have delivered over 400 guide dogs certified by the National Association of the Visually Impaired.

Robert and Carina, who run Kustmarken, have extensive experience in both breeding and training, as well as training for guide dog handlers, which is also an important piece of the puzzle for the dog and its handler to become a close-knit team. Most of the dogs that are raised and trained at Kustmarken are Labradors, but also some poodles, to suit dog handlers with asthma or allergies. German Shepherds are bred for the police and the Armed forces.

The dog's food and well-being are important

Robert and Carina have a great passion for their very work, and are passionate about the well-being of both dogs and people. That the dog is healthy is of course a key for both dog and handler. That's where the feed comes in as a contributing factor to provide happy, healthy dogs with stable stomachs, so they can carry out their important tasks.

"It is of the utmost importance that the dogs and their stomachs work well - not only for the sake of the dog but also for the dog handler. A dog that, for example, gets diarrhea when stressed is of course difficult for the dog handler to take care of, and leads to unnecessary worry. With petgood, the stomachs have been tip-top, which feels safe both for us and for their new owner."

We are proud to partner with Kustmarken

We at petgood have collaborated with Kustmarken for over a year, and are very proud to have been able to follow their work during this time and see the new litters and guide dog stars being raised with petgood. Next, we will tell you more about Kustmarken's work, meet handlers and dogs, as well as share training tips and other exciting things from Kustmarken!

More reading about Kustmarken & their dogs

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