Woody & Caspian @woodielicious

Meet our lovely ambassadors, Woody and Caspian the Golden Retrievers!

Woof, Woody! Nice to meet you!

What is your favourite hobby?
I love to sleep on the bed, sit in people's lap (I don't care that I'm big), and be out in the nature. I love exploring deep woods, walk on long sandy beaches and admire the Swedish mountains. I am actually quite a traveller, and I have my own passport with stamps from all the Nordic countries. When I find new favourite places, I share them with my dog friend's on my Instagram @woodielicious

Do you have a favourite toy?
I love plush animals, the bigger the better. My favourite activity with them is something I'd like to call defluffing, which means to bite a hole in them and spread the fluffy insides all over the place. Right now though, the first place on the list of my favourite toys is inherited by my little brother, the 8-week old puppy Caspian that just moved into the family. 

Caspian sounds lovely. Anyway Woody, do you have a nickname?
Dear dog has many names... Sometimes they call me Mr Woodson, but I also go by the name "the hat thief" as I'm very likely to steal your hat or beanie if you don't keep an eye on it!

Lasly, tell me something pawsome about yourself!
Last year, I became one of the Swedish Postal service "Stamp Dogs", so you can find my pretty face if you buy a letter stamp in shops in Sweden!

Now, let's move to your little brother Caspian.

Woof Caspian! What is your favourite hobby?
I like full speed and I always have the highest gear in. "Slow motion" is not what I do!

What is your favourite toy?
My favorite toys are balls. I love to catch them in the air, make a nice slide on the way back and proudly leave the ball to my human with the hope of getting a new throw.

Do you have a nickname?
My nickname "The Propeller" is sometimes very appropriate! Like all Goldens, I am also very interested in food and always accompany my humans in the kitchen. You never know if they drop something.

Tell me something pawsome about you!
I can swim underwater! If my humans throw a crappy stick that sinks, I save it and dive for it!

Now let's move to your hoomans Anna och Claes. Why did you change to petgood?
The main reason we changed feed to petgood was the climate-smart solution with insect protein. Woody has at times had a little problem with his stomach and has not always finished his meals, which is why we tested a little different feed. We let the dogs taste petgood and they loved it!
The food contributes to the dogs' stomachs feeling good. Their fur is shiny and nice and the dogs are alert and happy and… they always eat the dogfood! Woody and Caspian think that even dogs can now help to reduce "pawprints".



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