A visit at Protix - our insect farm partner

Last week, our CEO & founder Pernilla Westergren and our advisor Kristina Johansson visited the insect farm Protix in the Netherlands. Protix is one of the world’s leading insect farms and it is from them we source all our black soldier fly larvae.

Did you know that:

  1. 2 tonnes of insects can be bred on 20 m2 – in other words, you can produce 20 tonnes of insects on the size of a paddle court!
  1. Our insects are handled with the greatest care and fed with plant-based waste and by-products of high quality: a mixture of grain, fruit and vegetables from local sources. This means that no extra feed needs to be produced for the protein production. Thus, saving additional water, land and food.
  1. The protein production through traditional animal is not only burdening our planet, but is also seldom adjusted for the wellbeing of our fellow animals. Although studies show that insects are unlikely to experience feelings, their well-being is important to us. At Protix, they ensure that the insects live in a climate similar to their ideal habitat so that they can express their natural behaviour. In the production of the protein, the insects are washed in cool water. The drop in temperature makes them dozy and puts them in a dormant state.

We are very proud to be working together with a partner that shares our values when it comes to transparency, sustainability and ethical standards, so that we together can ensure the highest quality products for our beloved pets, with animal well-being as a priority and without burdening our planet!


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