Meet Buzz the circular larva!

At petgood, we work to create a better future for both people and pets. This ambition permeates all products we create - from our insect-based food to our plant-based poop bags. Naturally, when creating our first cat toy, we wanted to do this the same way.

For a sustainable society for all

For the mission of creating the most sustainable cat toy ever, we teamed up with a small company with a great vision - Circular Centre in Jönköping. Their slogan “For a sustainable society for all” couldn’t be a better match. Circular Centre is a company focused on inclusion in society, especially for women with a foreign background. Their work has revolved around strengthening women's economic empowerment, and their operations create jobs in a number of different areas - sewing, housekeeping, café and more. Their textile workshop was the perfect place to start developing our cat toy. So we went there.

Circular Center WorkshopThe process

The walls of their workshop were stacked to the ceiling with leftover garments - scraps no longer needed by the companies that donated them, just waiting to be used. What a gold mine! We picked out the perfect “petgood-purple”, rolled up our sleeves and got started. Prototype after prototype was created, and of course each one was real-life tested by our critical feline panel. Finally, the perfect one was chosen by our Head of Feline Product Development, Kokos:

“This toy was the perfect size for me to grab with my front paws and just kick the sh*t out of with my hind legs. He didn’t see it coming. Then I tried to finish him off with my teeth, but the fabric was actually really good quality so I didn’t rip his head open. Yet. I’ll try again tonight.”

Cat playing with toy

The result

Mission accomplished and Buzz the larva was born, coming with a win-win-win-win: We make cats happy, support Circular Center’s work, use left-over fabrics and manufacture our toy in Sweden - a maximal purrfect product with a minimal environmental pawprint. 
Making of Cat Toy

Together we can make a difference. Together we are petgood - the do good petfood. 💜



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