Our tasty dog food and treats are both nutritious and good for your doggy, at the same time as they are friendly to our planet. Simply a real win-win! Read more about all the benefits with insects as a protein source below.

Wait, what about that third win-win-win? Well, there are so many benefits with insects for the dog and our planet that we sometimes forget to mention the pet parent benefits. Do you know that our dog food smells almost nothing to us hoomans? Yep, a very pleasant surprise for you and your cupboard every time you open the bag.

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how to change food?Dog Dry Food (adult)

Dog Dry Food (adult)

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Dog Dry Food (puppy)Dog Dry Food (puppy)

Dog Dry Food (puppy)

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Cat Dry Food (adult)Cat Dry Food (adult)

Cat Dry Food (adult)

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Cat Dry Food (kitten)Cat Dry Food (kitten)
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Cat Dry Food (kitten)

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Cat ToyCat Toy

Cat Toy

Dog Dental SticksDog Dental Sticks
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Dog Dental Sticks

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klimatsmart hundleksakPlanet friendly Dog Toy

Dog Toy