Eat insects? Yes, it works really well and the pets love it! In our products, we use only carefully selected ingredients of high quality. The insect species used in all our products are the black soldier fly larvae, chosen for their high protein quality and amino acid content.

Our insects come from one of the world’s leading insect farms, located in the Netherlands. Our partner has long experience in insect farming and has been chosen based on its high product quality and animal welfare standards. With a location in the EU, we can ensure maximum transparency and production quality control.

Why are insects so good?

Insects are amazing creatures. They are one of our greatest upcyclers and can transform by-products into high-quality protein. Our insects are fed with organic, plant-based by-products of high quality - which means that they convert food waste into high quality protein for your pet!

Insects are also a sustainable protein source in more ways than taking care of food waste - they use less land, water, and cause less CO2-emissions than traditional protein sources. Our insect farm runs on 100% renewable energy; electricty from wind- and solar energy.

On top of that, growth hormones or antibiotics is never used in our production.

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Animal welfare is very close to our heart and together with our partners we make insect welfare a top priority. Even though studies show that insects are unlikely to experience feelings or even perceive their own welfare state, we say as our partners; "the absence of evidence is not evidence of absence". Therefore, we will always maintain the health of our insects together with our partners.

Our partners see to it that our insects get everything that they need. They ensure that they live in a climate similar to their ideal habitat to ensure their ability to live and express their natural behaviour. The insects are handled with the greatest care and feed on plant-based waste and by-products of high quality; a mix of grain, fruit and vegetable leftovers from local sources. Furthermore, our insect farm uses sensory technology, which ensures that the insects always get what they need: not too much food, not too little – just like humans.

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The 10 most common questions

We love to get questions about our insects. They are the ones who are the true climate heroes and also the reason why petgood was founded - here are our top 10 insect-related questions and answers!

FAQ about our insects


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