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Different ways of earning points

1:Make purchases / refer friends and get money back

Spend 500 kr - receive 500 points - get 25 kr back

Refer one friend - receive 6000 points - get 300 kr back

2: How to use your earned money

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3: Become a loyal customer and get special treatment

Special Treatment

Make sure your petgood supply never runs out and make it a habit to refer your friends - with more paw points comes that special treatment you as a loyal customer deserves!

Different levels for one-time / subscription customers

Same points, but as a subscriber there are additional perks


The level for one-time purchase customers

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The level for subscribing customers

💜 Always free delivery

💜 Always 15% discount on renewals

Challenges Points / Money to shop for
Make a purchase (500 SEK) 500 points / 25 SEK
Refer a friend 6000 points / 300 SEK
Create an account 500 points / 25 SEK
Follow us on Instagram 200 points / 10 SEK
Like us on Facebook 200 points / 10 SEK
All challenges 7400 points / 370 SEK

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